Superior Blending Options

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Dominion Terminal Associates LLP offers a multitude of blending options which can produce blending to meet customers’ needs. The following pages provide the details of Pile/Direct Dump Blending, Two-Pile Blending, and Three-Pile Blending.

Pile Layering (Stacking)

In addition to the above methods of blending, layering can be done in stacking to achieve a degree of blending in the piles. Inbound trains can be scheduled with the CSX Railroad to arrive at certain times so as to stack or layer coals into a pile in a planned sequence. DTA can also line up the cars in the load tracks for dumping in any sequence desired by the customer to accomplish layering in the piles. The piles stacked in this fashion can be reclaimed in a stair step manner to obtain a good cross section of the pile to insure uniform quality throughout the vessel loading.

Silo Layering (Reclaiming)

DTA can establish a sequence of reclaiming set amounts of coal from one pile then switching to another pile, layering the coals in the outbound silos and alternate reclaiming from two or more piles. As many as eight piles have been involved in a reclaiming rotation.